Friday, September 16, 2011

Casio DW-5600E

The Casio DW-5600E is a model of digital watch, manufactured by the Japanese firm Casio and a member of Casio's G-Shock product line. Casio introduced this model in 1996. It has 200m water resistance, one alarm, a countdown timer and a stopwatch. These features trigger an audible alarm.

This model replaces the older Casio DW-5600C and features Illuminator, an EL backlight with flash function. The dual-time function was deleted, but the current time is also displayed in countdown timer and stopwatch mode.

A DW-5600E-1V G-Shock. A Casio G-Shock DW-5600E in regular timekeeping mode. 
Also this was one of the first ILLUMINATOR watches.

One of the major differences between this model and the original DW-5600C is the use of a polymer case material with a stainless steel case back secured with four screws. The original design featured a stainless steel case and screw-down case back and is highly sought after by collectors.

It has been flight-qualified by NASA for space missions.

Casio has updated the module, replacing the usual 1545 module with module number 3229. The new module just features an extended calender, the 1545 calender goes up to year 2039, while the 3229 calender goes up to the year 2099.

Four subsequent iterations of this design have been released:
  • G-5600 Tough Solar.
  • GW-5600 Tough Solar and Wave Ceptor.
  • GW-M5600 Tough Solar and Multi-band 5 Wave Ceptor.
  • G-5600E Tough Solar - a variant of the GW-M5600 without Wave Ceptor(for sale in non-Wave Ceptor markets)
  • GW-5000 Tough Solar, Multi-band 6, Wave Ceptor and stainless steel screwback.

  • Time display in 12-hour or 24-hour format. In regular timekeeping mode, the current home time is displayed to the second, along with the month, date, and day of the week, without any button presses.
  • Auto-calendar correctly calculates month lengths, leap years and days-of-the-week between 1985 and 2029.
  • One alarm. An unusual feature is that in addition to the hour and minute, a month and/or date may optionally be set, so the alarm will only sound during the specified month or on the specified day of the month.
  • Time signal (hourly chime.)
  • Countdown timer: Can be set for any duration from one second up to 24 hours, in one-second increments; optional auto-repeat function. The current home time is also displayed in countdown timer mode.
  • Stopwatch: 1/100th second, which measures net time, split time, and first- and second-place times; rolls over at 24 hours.
  • Illumination: Backlight is via Illuminator, an electroluminescent backlight, where a blue/green luminescence makes the whole display visible at any light conditions.
  • Shock-resistant design, intended to survive a 10-meter fall. The new composite-case and steel panel back made the watch about 30% lighter, and better fitted to the wrist.
  • Water resistant 200m.
  • Battery: One lithium button cell, CR2016 (module 1545). Was expected to last two years or more.